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Monthly Archive for March, 2016

Crown Lynn

New Zealand

Similar marks with three stars. A larger versionof this mark was introduced from 1960 (estimate). From 1955.

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NZMuseums showcases the New Zealand’s museums and galleries and their collections. It’s also a directory of museums and galleries, and an online collection management system. NZMuseums is the initiative of National Services Te Paerangi, a team at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, in Wellington, New Zealand.

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Vladimir Tretchikoff Chinese Girl

The Chinese Girl – Although Tretchikoff spent his early years in China, this portrait was painted in Cape Town. The model is a member of the small Chinese community there. Possibly the best known of all Tretchikoff’s paintings. Lithographs of this painting can be seen in all corners of the world. Artist’s Collection, 1950’s First Hand Tretchikoff Print.

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Choc fudge Brownies

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Nautilus Vase

Shape Number: 550

Open shell shaped vase in whiteware.

Spiral ammonite or nautilus shape on seabed base.

Satin finish glaze.

Width 29cm
Height 16.5cm
Depth 12cm

The plain whiteware was extremely popular as vases or mantelpiece decorations right through the 1950s and into the 1960s.

From the late 1940s to the 1970s, Crown Lynn made whiteware vases in their thousands, if not millions.

As well as classic shapes there was a spinning wheel, a watering can, a wishing well, a butterfly, and a range of shells and wall vases.

In 1963 there were more than 100 whiteware shapes on the market. Some were also made in matt black or pastel colours as well as white.

After the 1968 buyout of Titian Potteries, Crown Lynn’s whiteware was made at the Titian factory.

Many vases have a moulded shape number only, while others carry marks such as Kelston Potteries, Roydon Pottery or Flair Art Pottery, and some have stickers such as Flower Beauty.

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J H Lynch * Woodland Goddess * 1960s

Woodland Goddess

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J H Lynch: 1960’s * Nymph


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Crown Lynn A NZ Icon

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CL Collectors Handboog

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CROWN LYNN * SWAN: 1948-70s

swan 001

The swan vase is one of Crown Lynn’s most enduring symbols.

They were first made in the mid to late 1940s and decorated in plain pastel or trickle glazes.

From 1948, when a soft white matt glaze was developed, most were made white.

A few – a rarity now – were given yellow beaks, and a few were black.

White swans sold by the thousands and were still on the market in 1973.

In the early 1950s and 1960s it seemed that every second New Zealand house had a Crown Lynn swan.

The original shape was copied by David Jenkin from an example brought back from oversea’s by Tom Clark. And thus began a decades-long success story.


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